With the lockdown restriction easing, we arranged for a skip to be delivered on the morning of 1st July, with an expected arrival time for the skip of 11am. It came much earlier than that, and unfortunately, it was full by 9am, to the frustration of plot holders. Luckily, Glynn’s Skips was able to supply another one, which arrived at 2pm. By the end of the afternoon, it too was full.

Obviously, it has not been possible to get to the dump at Greenford for the past three months, and it remains busy even now, so there has been a build-up of rubbish on site awaiting disposal. However, the behaviour of a few plot holders made matters more difficult for the rest of us. Rubbish started to accumulate at the Haslemere end the previous evening. After the first skip was full, some plot holders continued to dump rubbish next to the skip, even before it was announced that a second one was coming.

How did they imagine this was going to be dealt with, and by whom? In the end, it was of course cleared up by the more community-spirited among us. A big thank you to the vast majority who acted responsibly!