Bonfires are allowed between 1st October (on a trial basis, normally 1 November) and 31st March on your allotment, but with this right comes the responsibility to be considerate.

Please show consideration to other plot holders and those in neighbouring houses and gardens, by following these simple guidelines:

  •  Bonfires are allowed between 11am and 5pm.
  •  Bonfires must be tended at all times and extinguished immediately if a complaint is received, so keep a bucket of soil handy.
  •  No plastic or synthetic material may be burnt on site.
  •  Avoid lighting a bonfire on a sunny weekend or evening.
  •  Only burn thoroughly dried materials, as this speeds the burn and reduces smoke production.
  •  Light bonfires only when the wind is light so that smoke will disperse upwards, quickly.
  •  Keep the fire small, adding material often rather than all at once – using an incinerator is ideal.
  •  Only burn for a short period of time.
  •  Consider shredding and composting as an alternative.
  •  Please be aware of that hedgehogs (endangered) and other creatures may be nesting in your pile. Ideally it should be moved before burning.

Any complaints received from our neighbours may result in bonfires being banned completely

If you notice a fire which is outside these guidelines, please politely ask the allotment holder to abide by these rules, if they do not, please let us know by email or phone with a photo if possible.

Email :