Bees make all the difference to an active allotment

Bees make a wonderful addition to any allotment site as they play a critical role in the pollination of so many plants, especially fruit crops. Higher yields and better quality produce will result from having hives near your site. If you wish to keep bees on your allotment, first get the permission of the committee.

If you see a bee swarm over the allotments please contact one of our beekeepers as below.

  • Don Baker – 07850 646 306
  • Michael Lyons – 07882 875 110
  • Johan Ditmar – 07540 666 401

If someone on the site is allergic to bees please make sure that they are aware of what action is necessary in the event of a sting and and take their medical needs into account. The NHS website has useful information about what to do when someone is stung by a bee or other insect and/or has an extreme reaction to a bite or sting.

Further advice and information on bees can be found at the Ealing and District Beekeepers Association, link to their website below.

Click to go to the Ealing & District Beekeepers website