Dear plot holders,

We hope you’re well and enjoying your gardening. Here’s a round-up of what’s been happening recently, and a few matters for your attention.

The Covid lockdown has produced a big increase in plot applications, up from 19 in February to 50 now with new applications coming in every week. It is difficult to know how long the waiting time is right now, but it is clear that new applicants will have to wait for several years to get a plot.

During the long hot spell, at times the water supply has been unable to cope with the demand, particularly in the early evenings. Please stagger your watering times if possible – the dry taps problem seems to be less acute in the mornings. Please also ensure that the dip tanks are left full so that there is water for others later in the day. But do check that you have turned the taps off when you leave – even if there is no water coming out – to avoid overflow.

Many thanks to the many people who have been diligent in following the Covid hygiene guidance of wearing gloves when touching communal areas like the gates and taps. There are quite a lot of plot holders in at-risk categories, so your continuing co-operation is helping to keep us all safe.

The plant sale/swap on Saturday 16th May was a great success, raising a total of £413.25 for Havelock Primary School in Southall. That’s more than four times the amount raised last year, so a huge thank you is due to all our generous plot holders! There’s a report and photos on the website here.

The bulk manure delivery and Trading Hut access arranged by Vinka Reeves were also very popular. The Trading Hut has now run out of stock of many items. These have been reordered, but delivery could take 3-4 weeks, so in the meantime Vinka isn’t taking new orders. We’ll let you know when stock arrives.

A contractor has successfully removed some old asbestos from the site. However, more of what may be buried asbestos has since been identified and we have arranged for this particular area to be surveyed and to have any asbestos safely removed.

There will be a skip on site on Wednesday 1st July. We’ll email a reminder nearer the time. The skip is for general rubbish, not green waste. Anyone looking for green waste removal might want to consider the service offered by Wilrose. The skip is for only for waste already on site, not for household waste. The aim is to help plot holders who might otherwise struggle to remove waste at this time.

Finally, a call-out for more people to join our Facebook group. You’ll find it if you search for Haslemere Allotments. It’s a handy way to share information, advice, free stuff and swaps.

Happy gardening!

HAA Committee