We were lucky with the weather again for this month’s community work day; a bright clear sky and lots of work to keep us warm- before Storm Ciara hit on Sunday! So much was achieved!

We had a delivery of big bags of Hoggin on Friday; this is clay-bound sand and gravel, which, when compacted, will form a beautiful wearing surface on top of the gravel in the community building. We also took delivery of a wacker plate (called Belle!) and we compacted the gravel on Friday and then locked the greenhouse for the first time.

The Hoggin was dropped outside the allotment site on Haslemere Avenue, so first job on Saturday was to barrow the hoggin from the gate to the community plot- and many hands made light work.

The Hoggin was then compacted, with Bernd at the helm, and in no time at all, it was in! Next to do is complete the guttering/waterbutts and make the shelving- we are almost there! 

But this is not all that was accomplished this work day!

The tree on the boundary near the Midhurst Road end has been in trouble for a while with a very established ivy strangling it and getting very top heavy; the ivy ‘trunks’ were severed at the bottom as the first step of clearing it.

The volunteers very kindly moved a large pile of cut wood from one of our plots – and this was chipped along with other wood deposited down at No 1 community plot.