We were lucky with the weather again for this month’s community work day; a bright clear sky for most of the morning- the clouds appeared just as we were finishing. The main drive again was the community building and great progress was made.

Glass had been installed in the teak windows during the week, and now the lower section of the elevations was infilled to the north and west elevations with reclaimed doors – and some special stained glass windows to the path elevation – very elegant!

The guttering at each end was installed – and then the rain came so we could test it was working!

As always we are using reclaimed/found material as much as possible- makes it all a little more complicated sometimes but all in the allotment spirit, so worth it!

Yet to do on the community building ….rainwater butts, gable panels to add, hoggin internally…. getting very close now!

And after Christmas we start on the next stage of our allotment upgrading – the composting toilet!!!