The forecast for Saturday was not great- but actually it was an unexpectedly sunny afternoon and early evening for our second annual Summer BBQ.

About 60 plot holders, friends, family and waiting-listers came with their tables, chairs, salads and puddings to our community plot 48a. Names were put to familiar faces, and new members introduced.

We had wonderfully relaxed acoustic guitar and singing from Rosie and Matilda Waters of plot 1 creating a lovely atmosphere; and in another corner, our guest face painter, Nicki, transformed the children’s faces with beautiful colours and sparkle!

The afternoon flew by as we chatted, supped ice cold drinks, tried all the wonderful salads, and ate the burgers, sausages and halloumi – perfectly barbequed by the ever-cool Ian and Rob team. The lucky few got to sample Bernd’s famous bretzeln, before they were all gone! And what a selection of puddings!

We were also handily placed to admire the progress so far on the community greenhouse – looking good!

Like last year, it was again quite an eco-event with emphasis on reusing and recycling- re-useable plates, cutlery and glasses, and most people taking their recycling home. In the end we had only one bag of rubbish generated by all our guests-hurray!

Roll on next year’s BBQ! And in the meantime we look forward to the next of our monthly community tasks morning on 3rd August!