Community Work Day


Friday morning we had a delivery of 160 bags of gravel to the Haslemere entrance; this gravel will be placed as sub-base under the ‘hoggin’ surface inside the new community greenhouse – to allow free drainage. All these bags needed to be moved to the community plot at 48A.

It was of course a bank holiday weekend – and then plant swapping, as well as the annual Ealing compost giveaway competing for time – and so there was just a small turnout of helpers for what was quite a heavy task; huge thanks to the 5 who moved about 90 bags of gravel, so that the Haslemere gate was accessible again.

This means that there are 70 bags still to be moved to completely free up the Haslemere gate which will be moved in the next few days.

Update on ‘try-out’ beds


The ‘try-out’ plots that we prepared last month have been let – and so welcome to the new members of the community who have started working them!

Next Community Day


The next community day will take place on Saturday 1 June. The focus will be on moving of the timber frames from plot 61 and then starting the construction of the base to the timber frame