More than 40 people visited the allotments on Bank Holiday Monday 6th May on the annual Beating the Bounds walk. The 8-mile walk visits all 14 of the known old Hanwell parish boundary stones two of them are on the allotment, on Rachel’s plot. There were people of all ages, from tots to elders, most on foot, some on two wheels (bikes and scooters), some on four wheels (prams), plus several four-legged companions.

Tradition dictates that each of the stones is addressed and struck by a willow wand in order to assert the parish boundaries. Walk organiser Mike Gahan has composed a song with verses dedicated to each stone, which are sung as each is visited. The verse dedicated to our two stones goes as follows:

In a fertile allotment, close by the thieves lane,
A couple of stones stand in sunshine or rain.
God bless the good gardeners whose plots they guard still,
And long may they labour, our bellies to fill.

The walk starts and ends at the Fox pub, and is a fundraiser for Hanwell Carnival. Thanks to Rachel for allowing them access to her plot.