Around 12 wonderful plotholders and friends turned up to help on our first work day of 2019. We ranged in age from teenager to pensioner, and tasks were distributed according to our energy/skill/interests. It would have been good to have had more people, but maybe it was a bit close to Christmas?

It was cold but clear and lots got done amidst the chatting (and dancing – well, it’s one way of firming down soil on a cold day …).

Various tasks were undertaken on the communal plot 48a:

  • Blocks were moved from 61 to 48;
  • Sleepers and sand were moved from 1 to 48;
  • The base of our new community greenhouse was excavated 100mm and levelled around the edges, and the first blocks and sleeper installed for the door edge;
  • The four new raised beds were completed; the last task was to fill the beds with sieved topsoil from excavations for the greenhouse. These are now ready to be rented out.
  • Manure was bagged up for sale to plotholders.

And over on Plot 1:

  • Levelling and starting to set out four long trial beds for rental to potential new plotholders who are still on the waiting list – two sides sorted, two to do. We are grateful for the support of A to Z Gardening Landscaping Services. They donated 20 gravel boards for building the trial beds.

A huge thank you to all who helped on the day. The committee plans to have another work day in a few weeks, the date will be fixed shortly – looking forward to seeing what the next amazing work team achieves!

On another subject, the Ealing Allotments Partnership (EAP) produces a quarterly newsletter which provides advice and information on what is currently happening on the Ealing allotment scene. The winter edition has recently come out, and Haslemere is well featured. You can sign up to receive the newsletter by email on their website at