About 20 stalwart plotholders turned up to help on our first work day of 2018. Despite the DREADFUL cold and rainy weather that developed, a great deal was accomplished in about 3 hours, with some hardy folk there throughout, and others pitching in for shorter periods. We all had fun despite the damp, and it was great to put names to faces!

The principle task was to construct 4 new raised beds in the communal plot 48a. The plan is that, once these raised beds are complete, they will be let out to retiring plotholders so they can continue to be part of our allotment community – watch out for an email about this soon. It was a lot of work in trying conditions to get the ground level, and the sleepers were incredibly heavy to manoeuvre- but see the results for yourself!

The second task was on community plot 1b. The aim is to get more out of this plot, moving the woodchip store towards the path to make room for some small ‘trial plots’ for people on the waiting list. The large pile of wood chip was successfully transferred by just 3 wonderful volunteers!

The final job on the day was to help a plotholder-in-need; to level the ground and deliver paving slabs in preparation for building a small greenhouse. The wet ground made this work very difficult – but the project is much advanced now. The committee had planned a BBQ but the rain made it difficult even to boil water for tea – but the biscuits were first class!

A huge thank you to all who helped on the day! The committee plan to have another work day before Christmas, the date will be fixed shortly – looking forward to seeing what the next amazing work team achieves!