Cultivation Standards

Plots must be maintained to a minimum standard of cultivation outlined below. If you need help with this issue, members of the committee will be happy to give you advice. Why do we need to manage non-cultivation?


  1. It is unfair on people on the waiting list if plotholders neglect their plot; such plots would be welcomed by others.
  2. Poor cultivation of plots results in the spread of weeds and disease, and negatively impacts other plots.
  3. It is a requirement of the Tenancy Agreement.

Expected standard


At least 75% of the allotment must be under cultivation of mainly edible produce. Grass does not constitute cultivation. New plot holders are expected to maintain the above standards over 25% of the plot within three months of the start of the tenancy and 75% by the end of the first year and on all subsequent years unless the committee agrees otherwise, in writing, when you take on your plot.


  1. Removal of weed seedheads before the seed has set.
  2. Control of pernicious weeds, such as couch grass, ground elder or brambles.
  3. Removal of long grass or detritus that is likely to harbour slugs and snails.
  4. Keeping paths free of hazards to allow free and unimpeded access and ensuring grass paths are trimmed.
  5. Removal of all waste and noxious or hazardous materials.
  6. Trees regularly pruned to a manageable height which does not negatively impact neighbouring plots, and other structures sited so as not to cast shade over neighbouring plots.

If there are personal issues preventing you from maintaining these standards, please inform the committee as soon as you are aware of the problem so that help and advice may be given.