The issue of whether or not HAA should pay to have skips delivered to the site prompted a heated discussion at the AGM in March. The vote in favour of continuing to have skips was a conclusive 42-11.

In June the Committee decided to order the first skip of the year. Rubbish had accumulated on the communal plots – including two bags of household tiles – which the Committee was keen to see removed before it attracted even more waste.

A number of plotholders had also asked when there would be a skip available. Rubbish on the communal plot at the Midhurst end had recently been removed by van with the assistance of the community payback team. Unsure of quite how much rubbish removal would take place on a hot early summer weekend, the Committee ordered a skip for the Haslemere end only.

Clearly we underestimated demand.

The email that went out about the skip said it would be available from 11am, based on the delivery slot we were given from the company of between 8 and 11. In fact it arrived at 8.30. By 10.30 the skip was already full.

We contacted the skip company but they were unable to deliver another before Monday, so we made the decision to email plotholders to tell them that the skip was already full.

In the days before the skip was delivered rubbish had began to be dumped on the communal plot at the Haslemere end. Two Committee members – Johan Ditmar and Colin Hewson – and former Committee member Vinka Reeves spent over two hours moving this junk from the plot to near the Haslemere entrance.

On Monday morning Colin and Vinka spent the best part of another hour chucking this rubbish in the new skip. This was an unpleasant task at the best of times, made worse by the number of dust-filled carpets that had been left. Colin and Vinka had to don scarves to protect themselves.

Finally, Vinka climbed on board the skip to tie the tarpaulin.