• Last chance to sow French Beans
  • Finish transplanting leeks
  • Plant potatoes in containers for a Christmas crop

General Maintenance

  • Keep up with the watering although not always necessary in a wet summer if you have a greenhouse you will still need to water daily.
  • Thin top fruit for better quality harvest
  • Keep tomatoes evenly moist to prevent splitting
  • Tie in vigorous stems of blackberries and hybrid berries to crop next year
  • Keep dead heading your flowers to ensure a longer flowering period
  • Apply copper based fungicide to prevent potato and tomato blight
  • Once finished fruiting clear any straw from around your strawberry bead, tidy the plants and fill in gaps with new plants from runners, remove any runners that are not being used

Pests and Diseases

  • Watch out for black splotches on the foliage and fruit of pears and apples, this maybe scab infection. Spray if necessary
  • Watch out for cabbage butterfly and caterpillar damage, remove any caterpillars ¬†and net if possible